Friday, January 16, 2004


I finished Quentin's last night. It was one of those guilty pleasure reads. I don't read too many romance thrillers to tell you the truth.

The books was pretty good. Nice language, good storytelling and an interesting plot. What took away from this Binchey novel is how it jumped around at times without a good reason or explanation. And it was a little predictable. I kinda figured out the ending early on. But it was worth it. The characters are likeable and are developed well. I did think Ella, the main character was a little shallow. But I loved Quentin's care takers Patrick and Brenda and felt for them as they tried to conceive a child and instead conceived and nurtured their restaurant. I am hoping she will do another book that reflects on Ella and the turn of events at the end of the book (don't want to give the ending away, that's for you to figure out).

Have to scrounge around for another book now.

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