Wednesday, January 28, 2004

New Book

Last night I began reading House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III. My mother called it "interesting" and wants to be able to discuss it with me. I looked at the reviews on Amazon and see that it was not received well. But I have not been one to take the advice of people I don't know and translate that into me not reading or seeing something. And I also understand the concept of suspension of disbelief. I know that it is fiction and things that happen in books can't happen in real life and I'm OK with that.

The book is about a former Iranian Colonel who dreams of obtaining the American dream. He has spent a good amount of money keeping up appearances to make his daughters chance of going into a good marriage. He decides to take the remaining money and buy a house at an auction. The other main character is Kathy, an alcoholic who loses control of her finances and has her home foreclosed on, the home the Iranian buys. The rest of the book is the struggle over the house and the emotions that come from it. (This is from that I understand from the cover.)

I am looking forward delving into it.

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