Monday, January 19, 2004

Puttin' On The Dog in Lakeland

Saturday night hubby, I, my mom, dad and grandma hit I-4 and headed to Lakeland to see Sarah Brightman in her Harem tour. The first fun part was the people watching. Since we don't have lots of opportunity to dress fancy here in Florida and even though it was in a stadium, there were lots of people who thought it an opportunity to dress to the nines. Not only were there sparkling dresses, but a tux, a fur stole and a guy with one of those old-fashioned coats that looked like a Sherlock Holmes coat with the "rain attachment."

The concert itself was really awesome. That woman can sing! And on top of it she sang a lot of songs (all the way from her most recent album, back to a Phantom of the Opera montage). And then there was the cool stage affects, dancers, a more contemporary band and a small orchestra. And I can't forget all the great costumes that she wore. Some highlights:

1. Singing "What A Wonderful World," while swinging above the stage on a swing and the conffetti raining down as it they were flower pedals.
2. The rockin' phantom of the opera medley.
3. Singing "The Journey Home" - It's one of my fav. songs of hers! And the lovely background projections on the curtain of being in the clouds.
4. The cool platform that rotated 90 degrees that took her out over the audience and stage extension - I wasn't sure it really was moving, I had to ask my dad to make sure I wasn't seeing something.
5. Singing Time to Say Goodbye.
6. When she was up on a platform with this really long cape that and feather thing that behind a shear curtain it made it look like there were Phoenix's (birds) with her rising and falling.
7. Just being there.

Over all it was awesome. But I will have to say on funny thing, would you believe the program costs $30! That's one expensive program. And my hubby is now totally into her music. I'll have him at the opera yet! :-) Besides him thinking she's "hot."

Puttin' on the Dog in Lakeland was a great experience!

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