Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's Sarah Brightman Week

I know, it's Wednesday, so I got late jump on my Sarah Brightman week. But in honor of my getting to see her in concert in Lakeland on Saturday I declare this my "Sarah Brightman" week.

I have been a fan of the one-time-only opera singer since her Phantom of the Opera days, she was the orig. Christine in the London cast. So sometime in the 80's. Since then she has morfed into a singer of many talents. Her most recent is Harem which is a wonderful mix of middle eastern influenced music, some pop, opera and other. It's a very complex set of music.

My only disappointment with her can be her reluctace lately to sing solely in her "little girl" voice rather than through the powerful one that made her famous in Phantom of the Opera. But nevertheless, I am excited and I know that her show on stage should be spectacular!

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