Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I finished John Grisham's Bleacher's last night.

It's a tiny book that wasn't what I thought it would be.
The story centers around Neely Crenshaw, a former-All American high school football star who has come home to say goodbye to the coach who he both loved and hated. Coach is dying.
First off, Neely's character, I just didn't like. From the beginning you are led to believe that something awful went down between the him and the coach and I was let down by what it was. Then a lot of the dialogue seemed forced. And what should have been a highlight of the book, a recounting of the game where the local boys came back from all odds in a game..turned out to be, well blah. I couldn't feel the passion or excitement of the game, in fact, I skimmed through it to get the just of it just so I could get back to the regular narrative.
Then there was a scene where Neely has gone to visit the "love of his life" that he dumped for the school's tramp. He came of like a schmuck, wasn't repentive at all and I don't know how the woman sat there and even listened to him.

I was disappointed by this book. I am a Grisham fan, both his legal thrillers (which I loved Time to Kill, his first book and I still think his best) and The Painted House and the hilarious Skipping Christmas. I understand he has a new book out...I'll hold off for a little while...I may not be the best judge of his work after reading this dud.

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