Thursday, January 08, 2004


There's a great article in the Wall Street Journal about HDTV. It seems that it's extreme clarity, sharpness and such is creating issues for those out in Hollywood. HDTV is showing these "perfect" actors in a light they don't want to be in. All their wrinkles, hair imperfections and imperfections of the set are on full display on these sets.
Here's a paragraph I especially liked:

"High-definition "really scared the hell out of us at first because the images are so sharp," says Bruce Grayson, head makeup artist for the Academy Awards, which were broadcast in high definition for the first time last spring. "A blemish on a face becomes a volcano."

I think it's great. Maybe it'll remind some people that these people aren't perfect, that's it s a lot of smoke and mirrors. Too bad more people don't have HDTV or read this article.

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