Friday, January 09, 2004


I am on the path to actually merging my finances with my hubby. I know more than 2 1/2 years later..

We started the process to have joint checking accounts for the first time. It's a little freaky for me. I have had my own checking account for more than 10 years...a savings account since I was 17. So the thought of sharing my money...that's a little scary for me. But I realize out of my account comes food and other things that we both use any ways. So merge we will. I am even going back to the bank I never thought I would return to, Bank of America (giganto bank). I fled a few years back for a credit union. A cool think with BoA? My picture on my credit card! That's wayyy cool. And another step against identity theft (if clerks will actually take the time to look at it.)

With all of this I have been thinking about all the things that happen when you get married (or can). For many women, it starts with losing the name you have had all your life and become Mrs Joe So and So. I was never a fan of that, I can be a Mrs. but I want to be me...not just someone's wife as my identity.

Then it's having to change every piece of ID stuff you have (when you change your name). The there's the merging of your stuff, what you keep, what you don't. Now it's merging of the finances. Another step to becoming a unit rather than an individual. It's cool and's just something that requires a change in the way you think. No longer it's I and mine...but we and ours.

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