Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Ahhh..Tasty Citrus! and Strawberries!

I just enjoyed every morsel of a baby bell orange one of my bosses brought in. It was wonderful! Ahhh the winter-time in Florida means wonderful things..citrus and strawberries! And how I love them both. If I could eat oranges or tangerines (my other fav.) everyday rather than drinking one bit of processed OJ I would. Something about that first smell when you start ripping open citrus. So pungent and sweet. And I don't even mind the juice dripping down my fingers and getting onto my desk, that can be cleaned up. Not only do we get the lovely weather, but we can go into our back yards and pick a piece of sunshine off a tree and savor it.

(And no, the Florida citrus commission didn't pay me to say that, even though I know one of the flacks (PR person) out there in Lakeland.)

Oh and I can't forget the perfect strawberry. Alone, in a pie, with a little milk and my favorite, on a warm flaky shortcake made from Jiffy Mix (more like a biscuit really), just the thought of it all makes me smile. And from what I understand it is close to the perfect fruit when it comes to nutrition. All I know is that it is sooo good!

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