Saturday, October 02, 2004

Fall is Lovely In Indiana

Whew! Tonight is my last night in Indiana. I have had a great time! The weather here has been spectacular the past two days. Low 70's for highs and 50's for lows. But the cooler weather is a comin'! There is a potential frost tomorrow night and some rain tomorrow. Also, since being here, many of the trees are starting to turn brilliant colors of red and gold. It is a really cool thing. I want to go out and grab some and stuff em' in my suitcase to dress up the house. We went to a large garden yesterday and saw some of the most lovely roses. (I have pics and will have to share!) and went to dinner with my crazy Aunts and Uncles (and one in particular is particularly ornery). Then we went back to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mike's and played a MEAN game of 99, for cash of coarse. Dad won, which is always good. In the process we heard more about them as young adults...somethings I really didn't need to know. It's funny because you grow up with your aunts and uncles and you don't see them as young adults. But now that we are adults they are a sharing! Today it was a little shopping and home to fix dinner with sister Laura. It was fun and good. We were very lucky to share the evening with my cousins and my cousin's Dave and Kim's new son Michael. He is a doll. (Of course, there are photos.) I finished a book, The Dirty Girl's Social Club, I'll review later and am on to a Janet Evonovich book my mom had brought. Tomorrow it is off to the airport and home again. I do miss my hubby and he says because I'm not home he is off his rhythm (hopefully it's not because he's out of clothes and is waiting for me to come home to do that for him.) (JUST KIDDING!) Well, off I go, don't want to stay up too late because it's back to work on Sunday at the flea market and then back to my other job Monday and the 1,000 e-mails I am sure I have waiting for me. Ta ta from Indiana.

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