Sunday, October 03, 2004

Whew is it hot outside or What?

Brad and his little brother Michael Posted by Hello

I picked this photo to represent my vacation because that's what it was all about, family. My family is going through a baby boom right now and there were lots of members to meet. Like Michael above. He is almost 1 month old, tomorrow in fact.

We spent lots of time catching up and having fun. Once I get through my pictures I'll post some more. I'm not ready to back to work tomorrow, I was getting used to being up a little later, rising about 9-9:30, sitting around in my robe, drink a nice cup of coffee and taking life at a slower pace. But alas, the bills must be paid so back I go. Also, it's hard to get used to the 90 degree weather after enjoying the 60's and 70's for daytime highs.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind and the 1,000 plus e-mails I'll be sorting through I'm sure.

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