Saturday, February 07, 2004

Windblown and Tired

Just got home from my second job. I moonlight as a jewelers wife, which means I sell jewelry too. We opened a location at a local large fleamarket to try to help make some extra money. So that means Saturday and some Sunday's for me (including tomorrow) I am out hawking the finest jewels in Pinellas County for the best prices!) But I do have to admit it is tiring. Up early, there for a good amount of time and then back to work at the type and gripe factory for the week. And the house shopping too, can't forget that. But I am not gonna complain too much. I guess I would rather do this now when I am a still a young thing and can...before any bambino's make their appearance. But it is hard work.

Tonight we go to see Return of the King finally. I am excited. Hubby is making us cappuchino's to help perk us up for the evening. Last night I finally saw Seabiscuit. What a beautifully filmed film. It was lovely to watch. It was pretty good too the movie. But I will have to say to get the full benefit one MUST read the book, it is an awesome book. But I enjoyed it none-the-less.

Well, off to have a drinky and later to the movies. Ta!

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