Monday, February 02, 2004

Boobs Everywhere...

All I hear and read about is Janet Jackson's boob-baring experience last night. I am hoping this will die down soon because it is getting a little excessive.

Whew..I am torn about this whole thing. First I know that the Super Bowl is an event when there are lots of families are watching. But the Super Bowl and/or football really that family friendly any more?

If you go to a game, the chances of seeing skin (people flashing) and men who shouldn't take their shirts off who do, hearing questionable language and drinking huge amounts of beer is the norm. Also, when you are at home, you are bombarded with ads about beer and other ads that most often are denigrated to women. And we haven't even gotten to the game or the players yet.

More frequently the players, who are grossly over-paid, aren't good examples for families. They are fathering multiple children with multiple women, breaking the law but being allowed to continue playing, being foul-mouthed in public and in general not being good ambassadors for the team or the city and these are the guys your kids idealize.) Then there is the game itself. It is rough. From the hard hits which can be really violent at times (and how many times they show those really hard hits again and again) to fighting, coaches and players cursing and the camera catching them mouthing those words and the more and more scantily-clad cheerleaders. This is family friendly?

I am sad that something like this ends up on TV. That a women of her stature feels she needs to do something like this to get more publicity. What happened to being an artist and who got attention for her music and moves rather than how little she wears and how out there her performance can be? This is what little girls see and no wonder they feel they have to be perfect looking and that they have to center themselves around getting men to like them rather than concentrating on being the best that they can be as a person first.

Any my high horse...there are just too many boobs out there.

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