Friday, February 13, 2004

My Ode to Fog

I love the fog.

Something about the way it makes everything so white/gray and in the evening how the lights shine through it. And if you have never lived by the water you can't appreciate how wonderfully thick, dense and damp sea fog can be. You know it's coming and when it does it is fast. On my drive home last night as I was driving West it looked like there was a storm coming in. The clouds looked heavy and and dark. But it wasn't a storm, it's sea fog. By the time I got home it was already rolling in to my apartment complex. And rolling is a good word to use. It seems to roll over the landscape, it is very fascinating.

I love being out on the beach on those foggy nights. I even love the dampness. In that fog your whole body is wet.

I can see why it has inspires people to write about it. (Here I am doing the same.)

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