Thursday, February 19, 2004

We'll Miss Him

Last night infamous local sportscaster Chris Thomas died from his battle with cancer. He used to be the sports guy at the TV station that lived downstairs from the newspaper. He was entertaining to say the least and he never lost the moment to get his own opinion of others into the newscast. He had his own radio show, and that's where he really shined. I have to say I miss his style (or lack of it sometimes - he wore a giant sombrero on Fri. nights when he went through the high school football scores - a dancing football with a sombrero danced across the screen with the scores.) So many of today young sportscasters look and sound alike. They couldn't hold anything to Chris Thomas who not only knew the sports but loved sports and you could tell. I know he could be brash, and lots of people didn't like him, but that's part of him that I did.
Hope there's a horse race you watch up in heaven big guy!

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