Wednesday, February 11, 2004


I am listening to Josh Groban's new CD Closer. I am a huge fan of the young baritone and I am looking forward to him stretching his talents more with more and more difficult songs. He sings songs in English (only 5 of 13 for those who don't want to listen to foreign-worded songs), French, Spanish and of course Italian, which he sang on his first CD. The song Raise Me Up has received much of the promotion on the CD but it isn't the best song...listen to Il Postino (with violin accompaniment by the gifted Josh Bell) or Per Te. Lovely. I do see that some of the lyrics are somewhat fluffy but I let that go because of the wonderful accompaniment and the clarity of his voice. I know many people dismiss him as being Classical-lite, and so it may be...but I have no reservations that he is a talented man and there is a place for his music too. I have other purely classical music CD's and I listen to those too...but when I am in the correct mood, this is one that makes a soar with his lovely voice.

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