Monday, February 09, 2004

Return of the King!

What a GREAT movie. Yes it was butt I think almost fell asleep...but, I liked it a lot. I know I will have to see it on DVD again to take it all it. I have to admit I never read the books, so I was/am confused on a few points, especially at the end. But it wasn't enough for it to take away from my experiece.

Some favorite parts:

1. Smeagol - Gollum (when they are going back and forth from the water to him). How truely split he became. And although he was computer couldn't tell.
2. Sam - I LOVED Sam. I cheered for him all along and was angry when he was "sent" away...and hurt for him when his "Mr. Frodo" was leaving him. Sean Austin was great, I see him differently as an actor now.
3. "No man can kill me!" - The Witch King ---"I am no man!" - Eowyn.
4. Liv Tyler - I think she is beautiful woman as Arwen. I can't believe someone as lovely as her can be a daughter of Steven Tyler!
5. The army of the dead...that just was cool.

There are other parts but that's just a small part. What a trilogy! I'm not into fantasy usually, but I liked this one.

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