Friday, July 25, 2003

How low can you go?

There's a great article today in the Wall Street Journal about low-rise jeans. You know that pants that are all the rage with the cute little young women that sit on the hits rather than at the waist. It talks about all the problems these pants cause for women. Such as sitting and bending and the hazards of showing off your goods. It's amazing what women will do just for the sake of looking good. Some great excerpts:

"Bending down to reach a low shelf, Ms. Senter suddenly felt a breeze of refrigerated supermarket air. ""Luckily, it
was mostly women around me,'' she says."

"Since the incident, the 36-year-old Ms. Senter says she has perfected a way of bending over that helps keep her pants from starting that scary slide. Like squats at the gym, it requires that she keep her back straight and her head forward at all times. "Look down and you're exposed,'' she says. Ms. Senter says the vigilance is so ingrained she automatically turns her back to a wall before attempting to reach under her daughter's stroller."

"It's just a way of life now,'' she says. ""If you want to be fashionable, you've got to practice socially responsible

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