Thursday, July 17, 2003

Amen Sister!

I don't always agree with Gina Viventto, the St. Petersburg Times pop music critic. But today, she got it right! In last Thursdays Weekend section she wrote about women pop stars who now are dressing slutty even though they don't have to because they are talented and people would prob. listen to them anyways. This included Christina Aguilera, Sheryl Crowe and Jewel. Today she writes about all the responses she got to her article. Especially is from a young women who told her she was fat and that she should take better care of herself and then she would get the overtly sexy thing.
Well, I don't get it. Why does a person have to demoralize herself in front of the world just to get people's attention? What happened to getting my attention by your talent? What a concept. It's all about how you look not if you can sing or even better read music, write your own song and even, MAYBE!, play an instrument!
Just another reason I stay away from this crap pop, I can't stand to look at the people singing it.

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