Friday, May 21, 2004

Now Why Would you Do That?

The Funniest Mayor's Name of Them All Posted by Hello

So I am going through my picture files on my computer tonight and see this photo. I know, you are thinking what's soooo funny about this sign? Well, this is a sign from up in Ft. Wayne, Ind., my mom's families and my birthplace. H.W. Baals is a previous mayor of the city. His name? Harold W. Baals, but everyone called him Harry, so it's Harry Baals (pronounced Balls).

This is especially funny because my mom's mom, Josephine Kinder, always thought it was the funniest thing. Give her a glass of wine or a beer and she would be chatting on and on about how who in their right mind would name their child Harold when their last name is Baals??

If you have a funny real life person's name let me know. Besides the baby Apple.

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