Friday, May 07, 2004


Krispy Kreme's stock offering was a Cinderella story. They made tons of money and enjoyed an increase in stores and sales.

Then came Atkins and the South Beach Diet. According to the Associated Press shares of the wonderful glazed donut-making dudes and dudettes fell 23 early today on news that they were lowering its earnings forecast. They blame all those who are cutting carbs in America. They announced in March they are planning to introduce a low-sugar version to get those people back in their drive-thrus.

It's amazing how much can change in a short period of time. First KK was everywhere (including in my papers pages) with KK wedding cakes and parties. Now they are being shunned by the carb Nazis. I was amazed that they were soo hot to begin with, I mean a doughnut is fried fat basically, you don't need Dr. Atkins or the South beach diet guy to tell me that it's bad for you. You just can't eat them daily and multiple number of them.

It's common sense to me.

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