Friday, May 14, 2004

Jesus Hasn't Come Yet...

Started my next book the other night. The Glorious Appearing by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins is the conclusion to their wildly popular Left Behind series of books, this one is #12.

Mom and I started reading them for the fun of it, you know a fictionalized account of what these guys feel the end of the world will be like. Boy, we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into.

First off, it took 12 books to write about 22 short chapters. It gets a little drawn out at times. I also think that too many times the "fictional" books drag too much into preaching. (I skim those parts often) I want to know what happens, I can read the bible to get all the quotations they often use in them.

The final installment has the last few originals (2) of the Tribulation force and other believers waiting for the coming of Jesus and the beginning of his "1,000 year reign." I'm more than 100 pages in and Jesus hasn't come yet although I've been treated to a visit from Satan. I imagine there'll be lots of fighting between the good and bad guys and there's supposed to be a huge earthquake and huge hail store to come.

So far the book is ok. It seems to drag out the invitable with long scenes. My Mom read this one first. She said she liked the beginning and the end, but the middle was too preachy from Jesus. (But being he's the son of God, that's understandable, I am just curious what words these two fundamentalists put into his mouth.)We'll see. I'm sure he'll be appearing any page now.

Will let you know...

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