Monday, December 15, 2003

Wow! What a Weekend!

Man, I need to come to work to relax a little.

This weekend was VERY busy. It started out Fri. night at church with dinner and a concert. It was cool. It started with Fr. John playing the drums, Ron the music director on the base guitar, and a lead guitarist and keyboardist playing Christmas favorites such as I'll have a Blue Christmas and Rockin' Around the Christmas tree. Then it was the children's and adult choirs for more Christmas singin'.

Then we find out my Bro-in law is coming for a suprise visit. So we wait to chat with him after the concert. Then off to good friend Aaron's home for watching of Christmas Vacation, a Christmas tradition.

Saturday was long too. Worked at the jewelry store. Then went to a friends home to watch the boat parade in Maderia Beach, which was really cool. Only in Florida would you see boats all lit up with music and dancing and all sorts of fun. It's a great way to celebrate! Then it was off to have drinks with the visiting Bro-in-law and his bro.

Sunday, church, brunch, decorate Christmas tree with Mom, Christmas shopping and eventually eating dinner with some friends. They were at that restaurant because a big wrestling event was on and they wanted to watch that.

Wrestling is an interesting animal. There were people there of all ages. Literally! From grandma's with white hair to kids. And they were all cheering. And everyone KNOWS it's only entertainment (read into this NOT REAL) and they love it the same. I was a good sport, I made it more than 1 hour. (Yes Aaron, I had to mention this :-)

Eventually home and to bed. I did NOT want to get up this morning as you can see why. I am looking forward to a few Silent Nights.

But I am happy to report I am not in full swing in the Christmas spirit! Just have a few things left to buy for Christmas...and some cookies to bake...and soon, very soon a week and 1/2 of vacation!


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