Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Hubby and I are lazin' around the house until we go off to his mom's for some festive eating (if you have ever eaten a holiday meal at a Hungarian home you would know just how festive).

We had a nice Christmas Eve. Worked and made some money at the store. Came home and had a cat nap because we were tired and I had the wonderful luck of having a Christmas Eve migrain. Then it was off to my parents for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. Pretty traditional. Ham, cranberry's, green beans, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes and the biggest apple pie in existence I think. (It came from Cosco and it was HUGGGEE! - I am NOT exaggerating on this one!) Then we sat around the Christmas tree and exchanges gifts. Hubby and I now have got enough new clothes to take us through next year (THANKS everyone!) and some other fun things. Including receiving one of my fav. Disney movies on DVD Sleeping Beauty. (Favorite part? The fares fighting over Aurora's dress color.."Pink! ... Blue!...Pink....Blue!" Then it was getting all gussied up and off to midnight mass. We had a whole pew for the family. After celebrating mass it was on home for some chatting and some food. Then around 2:30 or so hubby and I plodded home finally and collapsed in bed exhausted. Got up a little before 11 and exchanged gifts. Hubbies favorite gift? A new shredder that makes paper into tiny tiny confetti...(he was excited.)

Well...I better be off. There's lots of Christmas left to enjoy! From me and hubby.. We want to wish all of our family and friends a magical, fun filled, safe and peaceful Christmas. We love you guys!

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