Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Relaxing Night...

Spent a quiet night at home last night with my hubby watching a movie. Watched Drum Line which we borrowed from the bro-in-law when we visited Jax. It was fun. Lots of cool music and dancing. Very upbeat and something that required little thinking, which is what I/we needed. It reminded me of my brother. He played in the high school band and loved it. I always was sad that he didn't get to march in college, because at the time USF didn't have one and being an Engineering student would have made it hard. Just the love of it all.

Tomorrow Return of the King premiers (well tonight at midnight I understand.) I really want to see it...but I'll give it a weekend or 2, I'm not one for being the first to see any movie. There's so many I would love to see. Something's Gotta Give, Cold Mountain when it comes out...and that Fish movie sounds interesting...and then Seabiscuit came out today on DVD, I still really want to see that. On top of it I need to see White Christmas for it to feel Christmasey to me...I LOVE that movie! Ok, enough babbling...back to work....with visions of vacation days dancing in my head!

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