Sunday, February 26, 2006

Alas, Pray That Never Happens

So I finished Alas, Babylon the other night. I thought it was pretty terrifying on so many levels. Of course having every major city in the US blown to smithereens (including Tampa/St. Pete - where I live) is bad. But being cut off from the world, even a town a hour away, is scary. In our modern world this would even be more prevalent. Because we are used to having the news right now. I can turn on the TV or get on the Internet and get up on any topic. After "The Day" as it was known in the book, the town of Fort Repose, had to turn inwards and depend on and defend themselves. I think this book is so relevant today. In the early 60's no one thought bombs would actually drop. And who wants to believe that Iran or another country wouldn't start? Oh, and I love that the only member of the federal government that wasn't killed was a woman and that she became president. Great book.
Now I'm off to reading Teacher Man by Frank McCourt of Angela's Ashes fame. I think after this I will need something real easy and funny. Have to have those occasionally.

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