Monday, February 06, 2006

It's February?

Man! Where does the time go? One day it's Jan. 1 and the next thing you know it's February 6! I have been busy. We are in full wedding mode in my family. Baby-sister Karen get's married in T-minus 11 days. We leave for Jacksonville next Thursday. We are very excited.

Work has kept me busy and I am still pleased with the move. It's great to have people around you wanting you to suceed! It's so different.

On the weight front, not so good. I so got sidetracked, phyically and mentally. But I'm back. I feel the difference when I'm not working out and eating like I should.

Got the chance to have dinner with my favorite Tribby, Skippy Simanoff. It was really nice to see him and I do realize how much I miss our lunch chats. And that we both have a love for Suduko.

I can't promise lots of posts here. But I want to get back. I do miss it. I see things and I think...that would be great on Sarah Says. Like why Layne Bryant is advertising that it carries size 12 in certain styles. Ok, if you were an average size 12, why the heck would you shop at Layne Bryant, the store for big chicks, when you can shop anywhere and find your size? HELLOO??

Ta ta for now!

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Anonymous said...

Finally, I thought you forgot about us little people. I won't take you off my favorites at least for another month.