Friday, February 17, 2006

The Suite Life

Greetings from lovely Jacksonville, Florida! Tomorrow's is my sister's wedding and we are preparing. It's been really fun to see so many different family members. You come into the hotel's lobby and you just never know who you are going to run into.

And my parent's suite is HQ and the official greeting room. You get the good room and amentities are abundent. They are right across the hall from a lounge where the "high-rollers" get free coffee and cold drinks all day, warm appetizers at night and free breakfast while the rest of the guests have to schlep down to the restaurant and pay, and pay dearly for these things. And they keep the common folks out by requiring you to have a key for one of those rooms to even get to the floor. Living the high life is pretty fun.

The bride is calm, and tan. I guess she decided she was too white and with the white wedding dress on she would be blinding. Plus she's primed herself for going to Jamaica for a week. The groom is also calm, for now. :-)

Well, off to do more wedding stuff. Whatever that is supposed to be. But I'm sure they will find me something to do!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, how was the wedding?

-- Dave