Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Memories, Just the Way We Were..

Sorry Babs, I had to borrow your lyrics. But it is appropriate. I was going through files of digital photos to send to be printed, yes I am really behind, and I had the best time. Reminiscing about some of the great times in the past few years. Here's a sampling..

Mmm! Chicken Paprikash! My hubby can cook!

Hey Amigo! We got robbed! Our chili was so the best. But heck, you look good in a sombrero!

There's pop with one of the Motter twins. He looks very natural. Hopefully one of those will be in our immediate families future.

Rows and rows of roses can't be bad. Lovely actually.

U-S-F! U-S-F!

Kathy's last days as a free woman. Yes, Kathy actually got married!

A peaceful evening on our block.

Alton Brown and I...soo cool!

Tiger the Cat digs the newspaper, laying on it that is.

I don't know why me and the sisters are laughing, but I'm sure it was good.

Skippy Simanoff, this Bud's for you!

Ahhh...a walk down memory lane is always fun..


Dave said...

Who is that guy with the beer in the last picture. He's so hot!

GOATGAW said...

Whaddya mean, "Kathy actually got married." ??
I always said it was gonna happen -- but I never said in what year, now did I?? : )

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