Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Sure Is Something

Smile, It's Almost Summer Posted by Hello

So what is about the eve of the Summer Solstice that makes me want to clean? I can't figure it out myself. First it started innocently with some light dusting and picking up and laundry. Next thing you know, I'm mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, and enjoying it. Is it cosmic forces coming together at 2:40 something this morning that marks the beginning of summer that set me off? What has encouraged me to turn up the CD player and to gleefully clean my house on a Monday night? To breath deeply the orange-scented fumes of Mr. Clean as they cleanse the kitchen floors? I don't know what it was, but it had to be something not of this world. Because my house is now a little cleaner, brighter and I didn't mind it.

Happy Summer everyone. Get out there and enjoy the longer days. Enjoy whatever it is that brings you joy today. Even if it is mopping.

I'm waiting for the same thing to strike me in regards to pulling weeds. Never know what the great cosmic forces will have me doing next.

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