Monday, June 27, 2005

Genius, pure genius

He's no madman! Posted by Hello

So I went to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg this weekend. I have lived in Pinellas County since I was 5 and this is the first time I had ever been there. What was I thinking?

In my head I had images of melting clocks and other shocking paintings. That is only one small part of Dali's repertoire. He painted stunning pieces, some vibrant in color, and others very subtle, all complex in detail and stunning in his mastery.

Some of his larger works which stood from ceiling to floor had me amazed. I know at times my mouth just hung open in wonder as to how one person could do such paintings.

So if you're in St. Petersburg, take time out and go see this museum, it will be worth your time and money to get to glimpse inside of the mind of a genius.

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