Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm Living in A Corporate World!

Week one of working in the corporate world has come and gone. And what a week it was. I think I can get used to this kind of corporate culture. One where I get taken out to the Columbia Restaurant (swanky Spanish/Cuban restaurant) on the first night and had every thing paid for, even drinks and desert is I wanted it. And I already have 2 company shirts, which is helpful in building this new wardrobe.

But it is hard work. Being at work on time and there at 8 a.m., meetings, scheduled, re-scheduled and re-scheduled again (I do a lot of that), invoices and yes fans, I, Sarah, will be balancing the department BUDGET at the end of the year. Thank God an accounting rep is given to me, or I should fear the outcome. I don't balance the family checkbook, and there is a reason for it.

Did I mention a corp. credit card and a cell phone? Yes, all of those will soon be mine. Sounds pretty's not, but it's a step up for me. Now I just have to turn my body's clock around and become used to getting up at 6:30...will that ever happen?

So Sarah Says has gone to the dark side...and I'm not looking back.

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Samir said...

I made the jump to the dark side and came out all the better. At least, I have a lot more money! :)