Sunday, December 19, 2004

So You Think You Can Sell Jewelry?

An open letter to anyone buying jewelry this holiday season...

You know, everyone thinks is very easy to sell retail. Especially jewelry. Everyone is an expert. They have searched the net and they think they know exactly the price they should get for it. An education is good, but why is everyone so defensive? Why can't I say hello to a potential customer without them ignoring you? Or worse? Being defensive and telling you I'm just looking. What happened to just hello back? Or how are you? I'm just letting you know I acknowledge you.

And when you are getting a fare deal why do you feel the need to push harder and harder to get a lower price? You know we aren't trying to make a buck off you, but an honest living, there is a real difference. Why is it wrong for a business to profit? We cannot be Wal-Mart and drop prices everyday.

And why do you have to waste my time asking for price after price if you aren't gonna buy it today? What's the point? It probably won't be there when you come back. Especially after mentioning how much you like it, the price is right and you are pleased with it and still you need to think about it?

Oh, and yes, the price of gold has gone up about $100 since July so yes the price of jewelry is going up to so your friend whose the jeweler can't sell you jewelry for $10 a gram, he can't buy 14k for that from a wholesaler.

Finally, cash means cash, you know dollar bills with dead presidents on them and not a credit card or debit card. They are not cash. When we give you a break for cash it's because 3 percent of the total is going to a credit card company and it's not to us. Yes really. So we would lose more money if we didn't charge you a little more. For a small business 3 percent is huge!

Thanks for listening. Your neighborhood jewelry store.

Yes all of our stuff is real gold, if it's locked up in display cases and not on top, chances are it is.


Thanks Dad for the festive music and graphic!

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