Saturday, December 25, 2004

Remembering Home..

Merry Christmas !Posted by Hello

This past week has been awesome for me. I have time to regenerate the batteries, spend quality time with my husband, parents, sister and new fiance, grandmother and old friends. Spent a lot of time reminiscing about the past and Christmases gone by. I was struck last night at midnight mass by our pastors homily. How he talked of home and the importance of it with Christmas and the memories associated with it. But that Christmas isn't just a time of the year, but a feeling, a lifestyle to keep throughout the year. In the Catholic Church we talk of coming home not just to a physical place such as the building, but to your faith and that this is a place to find home at anytime. Often at these important feast days I am transported and think of the the millions of Catholics around the world who at any hour of this day, somewhere on the this planet there was Christmas mass being said and that for about 2000 years this tradition has happened. Yes the incense almost gave me an asthma attack this year, but it is a tradition I wouldn't want to lose.

I was thinking about family last night. And after opening the gifts from my family last night around the tree I was thinking about what struck me the most. It was two things. First it was the three generations of us sitting in the same room that we have been since 1979 and how comforting it was. And second the connection to my grandparents I now have. My favorite gift was a box of Christmas tree ornaments from my Grandmother. I never got to meet my Grandfather, he died the spring before I was born. But I have a locomotive train ornament that will always remind me of his presence and one that is brightly colored with beads that will remind me of grandma. It connects us through the generations and hopefully one day I will be able to share this connection with my children.

Ok, I got a little long a mushy, heck it's Christmas, it's the mushiest time of the year! I am wishing everyone a blessed Christmas today in hopes that everyone has a piece of home in their hearts. Merry Christmas.

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