Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh The Weather Outside Was Frightful...

Ok, so it was cold the past two days. And I do mean COLD. We had to turn the heat on cold. We were lucky in Pinellas because the water on three sides kept us from freezing, but most of central Florida saw a freeze. We are being told there is another big front on the way on for Sunday.

Okay, I do like that I can wear different clothing..but I don't like it being uncomfortable and cold. That's why I like living in Florida. But the good part? While yesterday only made it in the low 50's, today will in the 60's and tomorrow in the 70s. And the sun is shining. So I don't have that much a reason to complain.

On the sweeter side of things. I baked the first cookies in the house. First chocolate chip walnut and then spritz cookies using a cookie press. So the house smells very sweet. And only a day and a 1/2 left of work before I'm off on a weeks vacation. How sweet it is!

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