Thursday, July 22, 2004

These shoes are made for walkin'

Today is the first day of walking my average steps from last week plus 2,000. I averaged a little more than 6,000 steps last week per day. So now I need to walk a little more than 8,000 steps for the next week. I'm doing OK today. Just decided at least once a day I will go upstairs and take a walk on the balcony. Warm up, see some nice views and get some walking. We'll see how this goes. This is a challenge for me because when I get busy at work I tend to forget to get up and walk so I will have to be very conscious of this.

I have to admit I really like that that Step Diet book says. To me it makes sense. It is about lifestyle changes and that's what I want for sure. I know I don't want to go through losing weight and then gain it back. I have done that way too many times.

I think by writing about this here I am making myself a little more accountable. I bought hubby a pedometer last night so I am hoping that we can motivate each other. One of the interesting facts I read in the book was that most people who successfully lose weight and keep it off for more than six years did it with support from others.


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