Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Duck Remorse

Had a fabulous birthday dinner for hubby and hubby's father's wife (I know mom-in-law cooking for divorced husbands and wife, strange but it works somehow) at mother-in-laws. One a little early and one a little late.

Had some awesome stuffed duck. Duck is one of those wonderful treats one can just eat and eat. Very rich meat and the skin, you just have to eat it.  If that wasn't enough there was soup, cucumber salad (I'm not a fan of the cuc's but they love it), rice, potato mush (that's how I know to explain it-looks gross, tastes yummy), meat cakes (spices hamburgers is the closest thing I can explain as-tastes yummy) and of course the birthday cake. Was belching duck allll night. 

Walked an hour last night to try to make up for some of it. 10,100 steps total for the day, I figured I walked off the cake.

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