Thursday, January 13, 2005

An Desert Experience

Last night my Mom took me, hubby and Grandma out to the Olive Garden for dinner. It was a lovely evening. Pleasant food, good company and free desert.

Our lovely waitress, really she was very kind and apologetic, dropped an arm-full of dishes she had just taken away from the table behind us right behind my chair. I was lucky. Only a few spots of marinara sauce came spattering up on the back of my nice work blouse. The manager offered to pay for my shirt to be cleaned (she would have gotten off cheaper) but I declined. I really don't dry clean my clothing and the shirt was a lovely shirt from Targeyy (Target). I said I would clean it at home. So she offered free desert to all of us.

Chocolate lasagna and a chocolate mousse pie was our choices. The mousse pie was heavenly. Like a chocolate cloud.

After that people were joking that I would be tripping the waitress all the time to get the free desert.

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