Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Alton Brown and Sarah Says..

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Yesterday I was very lucky to attend a photo shoot at work where one of my favorite TV personalities was, Alton Brown. He's from the Food Network's Good Eats. He describes himself as a teacher more than a chef and that's OK with me because he's taught me a ton about cooking. When I get some extra coin I'm really tempted to buy his books I Just Here for the Food and I'm Just Here for More Food.

From what the food editor says he was very gracious and was a talker during the interview.

Once again you never know who'll you'll meet when you work at newspaper.


Pat said...

We were lucky to see him ... I've heard that people waited in line for up to two hours at the Tampa book signing ... and some of those people had been at the store hours before his arrival.
I also heard that he was gracious to everyone .. signed books, posed for photos and was genuinely interested in who his fans are and what they have to say.
This is one time when the tv celebrity exceeded expectations.

Glen the Enchanter said...


This is what I get being all to myself at home and NOT reading up on events around here. Alton Brown is my favorite TV personality on Food Network, and I would say on the top ten list of all my fav personalities. I am glad it was fun!