Sunday, March 13, 2011

Audacious Dreams - I'm All In

Once again I was reading a book, this one by Trent Hamm, the blogger of the Simple Dollar. He wrote that when you dream you should dream audaciously. Audacious is defined as being bold, brave and without fear. To go all the way in your dreams and desires. Or in poker terms, go all in.

This struck a cord with me. I often read that you should structure your dreams into smaller portions so they are more realisitic. But having big dreams and taking big risks can pay off. You can also fail big. And that's OK because at least you tried.

So now I need a list of these audacious dreams and figure out how to reach them. Living so safe isn't the way of my life anymore.

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CoalesceResonance said...

Well Done Sarah...check this out