Saturday, March 01, 2008

Whew - what a week

What a blur. That's how I would categorize my week.
Sunday, we had a health scare with my Dad. We thought he might have had a heart attack. Thank God, he didn't. He had a really bad cold and because he didn't eat and drink enough so his electrolytes got out of whack, causing his blood pressure to drop and him to pass out. The moral of the story? Drink when sick, just drink in general. My sister suggested the new family motto should be "Just drink!" And I said that the family coat arms would have that motto across it with four different kinds of glasses, a wine glass, a beer mug, a water bottle and sister Karen suggested a glass of milk since she is pregnant and is drinking milk by the gallon.

Then there was a jaunt to Orlando for a meeting. And then to Tampa for a different meeting. And in between, lots of work at work which also included my yearly evaluation that I wasn't prepared to do.

By the time I got to today, I just wanted to sleep and then sit on the couch in my pajamas watching cable.

And now? I am watching the bonus features on the Veggie Tales Top 10 Silly songs with Larry. Now I have admitted it out loud. I like the Veggie Tales. I don't have children, but I think they are the funniest thing. And now, I have sucked my hubby into them. What's not to like about singing cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, peas, squash and other various veggies?

Man, what a random post.

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