Saturday, March 29, 2008

Millennium Park - Part Deux

So we decided to head out to a park today. Nice weather, good company. Sister Laura and Bro-in-law Greg came along this time. We thought we would take them to Millennium Park in Seminole since it is by there apartment and they had never been there. We had lots of fun. As you can see above my hubby found a coconut - on the banks of the inter coastal waterway. He thought it would be cool if he peeled it (as he is doing above) and crack the sucker open. He did. Unfortunately my battery on the camera went dead so I couldn't catch the outcome - an open coconut that was bad - tasting that is. But he had a lot of fun doing it. We figured it was good to know that if we were stuck on a desert island Laszlo could get into a coconut as long as he had his keys on him.

This is a picture of Laura and Greg. Yes, Greg has an Aerobee on his. He thought we might play with it at the park. He got tired of carrying it so he started wearing it. Could he be starting a trend?

This was very sad. Millennium Park had these really cool sculptures along its boardwalk. I had taken a picture of this one about this time last year. Unfortunately some jerks decided it was up to them to destroy them. This one they broke the head off and almost all of her fingers. Another was completely shattered. It was sickening.

This was some really cool trees on the nature trail we took. It looked like there was a fire in the area. Fires are common in Florida. We have a fierce dry season. I thought they were very sculptural. It was the trail that we couldn't figure out which way to go on. We were hoping we'd come out eventually. We did and made it to my parents for a lovely dinner.

My sister has requested we ride on the Pinellas Trail as our next park visit. I'm in for that. I have to get my husband to make a path to the bikes as they are behind all kinds of stuff in the garage.
Laura, Greg and Laszlo - It's on - Like Donkey Kong!!

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