Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas in Florida..

I can't believe Monday is Christmas. It just hasn't been that Christmasy to me. Besides Grandma passing away, and being incredibly busy at work it's been warm here. To the tune of 80 degrees daily. I know, the people snowed in out west would be saying awww...poor baby! Seriously though, it's hard to deck the halls when you're sweating. My neighbors on both sides of me have their air conditioning on. Wimps!
Anyways. I'm trying hard to get myself in the mood. I've worn all my Christmas pins, Christmas socks, listended to Christmas CDs and tried to sing-along to songs on the radio. But it's not working. Maybe now that I'm officially on vacation for the next 11 days that I'll get there.
I've only got three fulls days. I better get to work.
Happy Holidays folks.

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