Monday, September 04, 2006

The Computer Doctor was Here..

So my computer needed help. A LOT of help. It finally just up and ran out of space. So we sent it to the computer doctor and came back with one that my Dad says is actually from this century. Thanks to Pop, Laszlo and I can actually put programs on our computer rather than taking them off just so we can have a computer that functions. Woo hoo! And soon we hope to be adding something new to our family, a brand new digital camera so I can add more photos to this space again. Fabulous.

Plus we want to have a nice camera to take on vacation. The hubby and I are taking a week and going out to Vegas. We plan to see the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders out there. Can't wait. It'll be our first real vacation since we got married more than 5 years ago. So it's kinda like a delayed honeymoon of sorts.

Now that I have a computer I actually want to use, I'm hoping to use this place again. I do miss it. I always see things that I say, man that would be funny, I should blog about it. Well, I have no excuses now..

See ya on the net.

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Kelly said...

Ha haaa... computer doctor:)
They do not know anything...