Friday, July 29, 2005

Thought I Was Gonna Hurl

Today I attended media training with my department. We were practicing media interviews. Now this is the first time I had EVER been interviewed on camera, heck I'd never been interviewed, I was always the interviewer. It was horrific (thus the photo above with the vultures) and I seriously thought I was going to be sick. Going over what you are going to say in your head is the easy part. You can sound confident and cocky and you imagine your gonna rock.

And then your mouth opens. And the stuff coming out is not at all what you thought should be. And then there's this camera right in your face. But I did it. I got out of my comfort zone and I'm proud of that. I have new respect for PR people. Being able to keep it together on the fly, getting their message out and remembering lipstick should be a must for all ladies on camera, especially me.

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Dave said...

I can attest to the need for make-up!