Thursday, July 29, 2010

No cable? No Problem.

This past spring hubby and I gave up our cable. We now use one of those digital converter boxes and antennas. I thought I'd have nothing to watch. Actually, I think we've watched more quality programming than before. PBS (there are now five of them we can watch - there is seven actually but one is in Spanish and one is the state Legislative channel) has become a mainstay. Between all the concerts, travel, cooking, gardening, home improvement, nature and documentaries we are covered. There are even two 24-hour weather channels.

There's only one show I miss, watching the Rays on TV. But, there's always the radio. What it comes down to is that when we had a hundred channels there were many times when there was nothing on. So now I don't feel bad when there is nothing on as it costs me nothing. Bonus? I'm reading more often.

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Jennifer Hurst said...

I agree! After becoming a Neilsen TV rating Family - we became hyper aware of what we were watching and gave up TV altogether. We don't miss it at all and we have three little boys. We still have a TV and videos - but we use them as a reward now and we spend a lot of time reading. Which is probably why my 9 year old is now at a 7th grade reading level. Anyway - I enjoyed your blog!