Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Cow Bell!

Rays Celebrate Making the Playoffs

Greg and Laura cuddle up during the game

Greg, Laura and Laszlo celebrate the Rays win!

So Laszlo, sister Laura and bro-in-law Greg and 36,000+ of our closest Tampa Bay residents had the privilege of watching the Tampa Bay Rays (by the way, they play in St. Petersburg ESPN) clinch a playoff spot for the first time in franchise history. As the guy in front of kept yelling, "Sept. 20, 2008, we are here watching history!"

We had a great day and I think I officially have a cow bell injury. If you don't know why a cow bell injury, fans of teams the Rays will be playing in the Trop., it is what you will be hearing a lot of soon.

Go Rays! and 9=8! (9 players, playing 9 innings can = 8 playoff berths)

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