Friday, September 05, 2008

A Tale of a TV Stand

So we received a new TV a few months back. Unfortunately it didn't fit in the TV stand we currently have. So we had to find something to put the TV stand on. We went everywhere. Target, Best Buy, three or four furniture stores and everywhere in between. Nothing but overly expensive, poorly constructed pressed wood chip. And when we thought we would just go to Target and buy something cheap to hold us over for a few years, we couldn't even do that. They were constantly out of the only one that we liked or it was damaged. We got so mad, we just left.

Next thing I know I am searching the web and the next thing you know we are ordering a nice piece of furniture for a great price, no tax and free shipping. I mean I am great ordering all kinds of things from the web. But a piece of furniture that I couldn't touch? I surprised myself and I was surprised that it is great. Laszlo was mentioning how really cool the Internet can be. That it brought us together with a furniture company in California and a short time later, it's in your house. Awesome.

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