Friday, June 06, 2008

Miscellaneous Catching Ups

I have a little catching up to do. Last week was kinda crazy - not the kind of short week you'd expect after a long holiday weekend. The two photos above are some of the leftovers from that weekend. First Karen and Joe, we spend a lovely evening doing the most primitive and simple thing, burning things in a fire pit while drinking beer (well - all but Karen). Why Joe's not smiling more, I don't know.
Then Monday we went hiking at the Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Area on I do believe the last nice weather day Florida will get. Today it was 96 in Tampa, tied the heat record for this date.
But back to the past two weeks. On Wednesday morning my colleagues and I found out that our boss had "resigned" the night before. So we were thrust into the whys, what the *&^@? and what's next? And the next week and some we have been going through the grief process. Started off with shock and then it was back and forth with acceptance and anger. And by the time I get home, I just don't want to look at my computer.
BUT then my little sister is showing me up. She started a blog now, Twin Envy, where she is starting to chronicle this new chapter of her life, being pregnant and what her life will be once the twins come. She's blogged I think three or four times this week! But, in all fairness, she really has much more to talk about than I. My days are really all very similar and I can't imagine anyone wanting to read about my life on most days.
So anyways. I am happy the weekend is here. Relaxing sounds really nice. Now, off to find a cold beverage of the alcoholic variety.


Karen said...

Hey don't sell yourself short...I enjoy reading about your life:) and mostly b/c we are far away and don't get to see you but about once a month or so. Love to you!

Anonymous said...

God, Joe is so cool!