Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goofey Pictures of Laura

While going through the pictures on my computer I began to notice a theme. I seem to have a good number of really silly faces from my younger sister Laura. And I know there are many of them from years gone by in photo albums too. So I wonder, what is it about a camera that makes my sister do silly things? Her zaney side really does seem to come to the forefront. And I know it's not always alcohol, although the first photo below - that is allll alcohol. She's trying to forget she was about to be 30. (Her party was before the actual birthday.)

Then here she is with my mom on the cruise.

And finally, with her husband on the way to Turtle Cove in St. Thomas.

Don't know - but I do know that she seems to always be having fun...hmmm.. maybe there's something to this high-level goofeyness?

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