Sunday, January 28, 2007


Welcome to my cruise in review blog entry. It won't cost you $30 like the DVD they try to sell you, but I also won't make you watch ads....we had a great's some photos.

Meet Wayne Henry. Our personal bartender - he was buying our group drinks at the end of the week. These are the fabulous chocolate martini's he made for us on the last night. Isn't this a lovely sight? He was awesome!

This is Laszlo and I at the top of Lottery Farm's mountain. Our excursion was a walk through the rain forest...well it was a trek up a mountain, over large boulders and up to the top. But the view was awesome. And we all did it. Heck my parents kicked my butt in the process.

Laszlo took a load off here a Coco Cay - the cruise line's private island. It was lovely and we had a great location - at the hamocks and next to the place making Coco Loco's - the wonderful frozen drinkies that were their specialty. Yum!

This is the ship we were on - the Mariner of the Seas as seen on our return trip from Coco Cay. I'd go there again.

This is some of our group. As you can see my sister, Mom and Dad already figured out where at least one bar was.

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It looks like you had a fantastic trip!